Love Handles and Cellulite Workout

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Today I was thinking to do a workout that will mostly satisfy you :) And the most frequent questions are for belly fat, cellulite, love handles, so I decided to do a workout addressing these issues :)

But remember that you need reliable diet plan and weekly workout schedule to see results fast and easy! If you follow a diet, you can exercise just 30 minutes per day and no more love handles and cellulite! You will see improvement every morning :)

This is circuit training, you do 5 exercises one by one and this is 1 circuit. You have to do 3 circuits to finish the workout – my time for the whole 3 circuits is 17 minutes, try to beat me ;)

Exercises in Love Handles and Cellulite Workout

1. Burpee – 10 reps
This is wonderful total body exercise that increases your heart rate abruptly. After 10 burpees your thighs will be on fire and can’t say a word. I love to do burpees and sometimes my workout for the day is to finish as fast as possible 100 burpees.

2. Side plank – 10 reps each side
This exercise will kill the muscles under love handles, the next day you will sore and feel the hard work.
Lie on your side, put hand on the ground so the hand is under the shoulder. Raise your hips and keep balance on your feet and hand. Lower the hips as low as possible, but don’t touch the ground, than raise hips.
Beginner can do this exercise from elbow (not from hand).

3. Sumo squat + side leg raise – 20 reps
Your thighs will beg you for mercy after this lol
Open you legs wide, toes pointing out. Keep your arms behind neck, or in front of you, or on your waist. I like to keep arms tighten so arms feel the burn too.
Squat and when you go up, raise right leg, then squat and go up and raise the left leg and so on. Every squat and leg raise counts for 1 rep.

4. Mountain climber – 20 reps
This is exercise for stomach and chest. It is very quick exercise. Put your hands on the ground away from your feet. Butt is pointing up. Now start to run in this position trying to bring knees as close to the arms as possible.

5. Lunge back + leg forward raise – 10 each leg
This is another exercise for thighs and because you need to keep balance your core is challenged too.

Lunge with right leg back, stand up and raise forward the right leg. Do this 10 times and switch to the left leg.

For lunges is important to push your body down and not your kneed forward. If done right lunge is safe and perfect exercise for cellulite.

Let me know if you succeed to beat my 17 minutes for this love handles and cellulite workout :)

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