Lost 12 Kilos in 6 Months Need to Lose 5 more on Mediterranean Diet

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by Billur
(Ankara Turkey)

Hello, I am 162 cm. height and 68 kilo. 58 years old Turkish woman. I walk about one hour (6km.) then exercise at the gym for 45 minutes, and swim for one hour. Walk back home another 35 minutes(3km.).

I do this routine almost 5 days a week. The other days I usually workоут about 1.5 hour with your exercise videos at home.

Sometimes I feel like working and exercise with your videos at night even though I worked out that day.

I don’t go to work any more. I eat home made dishes such as Mediterranean kitchen. I like chocolate very much but i try not to eat too much.

I like to walk so I go shopping and almost every where walking.

I like your videos very much they really helped me. But for a month I did not even lose 100 grams and I still have belly fat. I don’t know how to get rid of them.

My body mass is 28 and my fat percentage is still 38.

I will be very pleased if you can give advice what to do more.

Thanks a lot
Billur Tuncal

Answer from Rumi

Hi Billur, you seem very active woman, congrats :-). Usually in such cases the fault is not in exercises but in te diet.

Too much or less chocolate means nothing, I need to know how much you eat in grams per day. You need to skip chocolate while losing weight.

See the book on the left, I like it, although it recommends too much fruits while losing weight, but this is not big issue. I like the exact diet plan in it, with 4 meals per day.

To lose weight eat following foods:
– meat and fish (sea food too)- grilled, baked or boiled.

– eggs, milk, yogurt.

– FRESH vegetables on salads, but don’t add more than 1 spoon of olive oil per serving, 3 spoons per day is enough.

– legumes but only 2 times per week – boil beans, lentils or peace, add only vegetables and seasonings, nothing else, no fat.

– only 1 fruit per day and only 3 times per week, cause fruits contain sugar. Once you lose weight you can eat as much as you want fruits, cause you don’t gain weight from them, but also you can’t lose weight while eating any kind of sugar (even fruits).

Don’t eat:

– any sweets (even fruits, but 3 times per week is ok.)

– bread and food made of dough.

– fried food.

– fat food – even nuts contain too much fat and you can eat no more than 25 grams per serving and no more than 2 times per week.

You can take diet ideas from my diet plans, chose any of them, they all do fantastic job.

As for exercises, you do a lot. But I don’t know what you do in the gym? Is this weight training? Weight training with heavy weights is best for losing weight, but be careful and gradually increase weights.

Also cardio is good for losing weight but not the cardio like jogging, running or treadmill. Csrdio means to do exercises one by one without stopping and you stay breathless, this is effective cardio. Do my cardio routine, it is very effective.

Hope this helps,

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