Losing the weight really does improve your sex life

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by Rachel Morris

Rachel Morris

When I was in my teens and very early 20’s looking good and staying fit just came so natural. I remember wondering why other people had such a hard time being in shape and why overweight people were the way they were.

I was about 135 pounds, I ate what I wanted and didn’t do any special exercises and I was healthy and confident about my body.

Then around 23 years old, I started to party a lot. I would go to clubs and drink a lot. Party at night and sleep during the day. Also, my job involved sitting at a desk so I was sedentary there.

I truly think that some of the abuse that I was putting my body through started to affect my weight.

Naturally people’s metabolism slows with age but I began putting on weight quickly and at a relatively young age. I still ate whatever I wanted, especially white rice (a staple in my diet), hot wings (my favorite), McDonalds..you name it.

By the time I was 27, my highest weight was 189. That number blew me away. My cholesterol was slightly elevated but the doc did not put me on meds but instead ordered me to diet and exercise, around 1200 calories a day.

Not to mention I was beginning to become insulin resistant and since my entire maternal side of the family is diabetic, that was a very imminent threat to my health. I started slow.

At first I just stopped drinking soda and sweet tea and drank water. If I wanted flavor, I just added the Crystal Light “To Go” packets and it tasted just like Kool Aid.

I refrained from eating fried foods as much as possible. I also reduced my portion sizes greatly. I took my time eating. This was the hardest part as normally I would eat until I was stuffed.

But after eating what I shared out for myself, I would peel myself away from the food and do something else. 15 minutes later I realized I was satisfied. I did not restrict myself from eating anything. If I craved it I would allow myself but only a very small a amount, just to get the taste and that’s all.

I ate a lot of yogurt and nuts, often at the same time for that sweet and salty craving we all get sometimes. I used olive oil in many foods. I ate salads and used things to make them fun and flavorful such as nuts, small bits of feta cheese, tomato and grilled fish or chicken or even a little bit of steak.

I also used light dressing. I payed attention to the nutritional value of foods when shopping. Some foods such as avocados are fatty yes, but they are good fats and they are bursting with loads of good nutrients!

So, eaten in moderation, they are absolutely good for you! Mayonnaise on the other hand is also very fatty but is the bad fats and it also has no nutritional value. So, you can mash and spread a little avocado, salt and pepper on a turkey sandwich instead of mayo and make it good!

And of course I exercised…I walked 2 miles a day 3x a week and I took a Pilates class 2 a week. After 3 months, I was 170 pounds.

I was starting to really be happy with myself again although I was nowhere near 130, it still felt great. Then my husband started to feel jealous. He was getting insecure with my new confidence and me going to the gym and it would often start arguments.

I then began to get lazy. Finally, (and I regret this decision), I stopped working out. Fast forward to today, I just turned 29 a few months ago and I had gotten back up to 179 lbs. Plus, again my body is changing. I began getting a double chin.

My love handles were more prominent. My arms did not have the firmness they had years ago, even when being overweight. My waistline, everything was just changing again because I am approaching 30.

So 2 weeks ago, I decided to begin again. I started the same exact way as before and have even learned to like brown rice. Rice A Roni Whole Grain Blends Roasted Garlic Italiano…yum!

I am already down to 171.

I ran across this site and I love Rumi’s videos. They are easy to follow and really have me sweating! I workout every morning to them and I feel the workout in my muscles the next day.

I also work out in my pool at home. Doing simple exercises that I found on the internet. Sometimes I go walking with my friend who is also trying to lose weight.

I make sure that every single day, no matter how pressed for time, I allow for some activity. Your body has to move around! My food intake yesterday was:

Breakfast: Fiber One Key Lime yogurt and water

Lunch: small grilled lemon pepper chicken boneless chicken breast and Rice A Roni Italiano Whole Grain Rice (leftover from night before)and water w/Crystal Light Peach Tea

Snack: Kashi Dark Mocha Almond Chewy Granola Bar

Dinner: small sirloin steak seasoned with Grillmates Montreal Steak seasoning and spritzed with Wishbone Salad Spritzers Cesar Delight. Sprayed the dressing on while cooking to keep meat moist and add flavor.

There is only 1gm of fat and 10 calories per serving! Also, fresh green beans sauteed with olive oil and minced garlic. And 2 tablespoons (literally) of white rice.

I told you I don’t restrict myself completely from anything since that just increases my craving. Since I really desired the taste, I had only enough to allow myself the flavor.

This time I am hoping to get down to about 150. A few years later, my marriage has also grown and my husband more secure now. That definitely helps!

Plus, losing the weight really does improve your sex life. I have energy to have sex instead of plopping down in front of the TV and telling him to not even try it. Or falling asleep early and being exhausted and feeling like sex is a chore. I feel sexy and perform better and he reciprocates.

In general I am more positive about everything, life all together when I am getting in good shape. Good luck to everyone that we all have a successful and healthy journey!

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