Losing pregnancy weight after miscarriage

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by Julie
(Washington State)

I got pregnant in January. While I was pregnant I had to quit taking a medication that had a side effect of raising my metabolism. As a result of stopping the medication, my metabolism slowed down.

During the pregnancy I gained about 10 pounds. I got married in April, then a week later I had a miscarriage. After losing my baby, I got depressed and gained another 10 lbs.

Now I don’t fit into any of my clothes. I’ve bought a few new pairs of pants, so I have something to wear. My husband is in the military and left on deployment in May.

I’d like to lose weight and get back into shape so I can be sexy for him when he comes home at the end of the year. It would be the ultimate Christmas gift for him.

I need help losing weight, as I’ve never had to do this before. I don’t know where to start, and having your videos to guide me would be a great help. Thank you.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Julie, hope you feel better now. Losing weight is simple, you need to follow healthy diet plan and exercise at the same time.

Use my free workout routines to exercise regularly.

Wish you happiness and nice Christmas with your husband.


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