I had tried different brands chocolate bars before I tasted Lindt chocolate

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I adore Lindt chocolate. When I was a student I used to eat one bar of chocolate almost daily. You may wonder how I let myself this calorific sin. My life was very hectic at that time and I obviously needed the energy. Chocolate gives you “quick” energy – its nutritional substances become absorbed by the organism quickly and easily. This is due to the nature of chocolate ingredients:
– Sugar
– Protein
– Fat
– Calcium
– Phosphorus
– Magnesium
– Zinc
– Iron
– Antioxidants

Chocolate produces a beneficial impact on you as: – It gives you energy.
– It provides your organism with useful substances.
– It improves your mood.
– It restores your vitality. Chocolate stimulates your nervous system therefore do not eat it late in the evening.

Why does everybody consider chocolate high-calorie food?

– Each chocolate bar fuels you with plenty of energy. If you eat chocolate and do not burn this energy, your body will store it for “future” use. The usual storage areas are the thighs, the abdomen and the buttocks. Eat chocolate, move a lot, lead an active life and enjoy the energy chocolate gives you.

– “There are no poisons, there are doses” – too much can be harmful. Do not eat too much chocolate. Or if you want to, eat as much as you can take, at once, and you will hate it (probably for a certain time only; still the method is useful as our bodies keep memories of unpleasant sensations and tend to avoid the circumstances that led to them). Eating too much chocolate at once may cause discomfort, yet the choice is yours.

– There are many sweets such as waffles, cakes, biscuits, etc. that apart from chocolate contain also sweetened dough. I have noticed that when I eat such food, it “sticks” immediately on my butt (unless I use up the extra energy).

I think the problem comes from the combination of chocolate and dough that is so difficult for the body to handle. I suspect additives also have to do with it – they make this type of food last longer but pass through the digestive system with difficulty and cause constipation.

The solution to the above problems is easy – eat pure chocolate. My favorite brand is Lindt chocolate.

I like it because its taste differs from that of all other brands I have tried. It melts in the mouth.

I also like it in combination with nuts – hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. It comes in various forms and sizes.

I adore the box of Lindt chocolates, as each piece tastes unique and you never get enough; I keep wondering how is it possible to create so many different chocolate tastes.

Lindt chocolate is a distinctive type of chocolate that I like to give as present to my friends and they appreciate its magnificent taste and look, as every piece looks and smells different and surprises you with its taste.

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