Life As an Overweight Teen

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by Brittany

The question for me isn’t have I tried to lose weight, but how many times have I tried to lose weight. I grow up a chubby child. My family has a long history of being thin. Which isn’t easy to lose weight when your family doesn’t mind their weight.

I have tried all types of ways to lose weight. From stealing diet pills from my mom, and almost dying as a cause of that, to joining sports teams at school. I have even starved myself for months another near death experience. But nothing seems to work for me.

It is hard for me to go places with my family or to be with my family at all cause I just don’t feel comfortable around them. My grandma would tell me she wished I was more like my sister. That she wished that I wasn’t a fat girl.

There are even times when my own mother wouldn’t invite me to dinner with the rest of the family cause, well I think she’s embarrassed to be seen with me. She is thin my step dad is thin and all of my siblings are thin. I feel like the elephant in the room.

In two years my mom and step dad were going to get married again. I want to lose weight so I could look nice for the wedding. But lately I’ve gained 20lbs. It is disappointing to me. And to make matters worse I can’t fit into the bridesmaid’s dress.

So to answer the question have I tried to lose weight, yes and for once I want to find a diet plan or an exercise work out that will actually work for me. I don’t want to be the family embarrassment. Please help me.

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