Just wanna say Thanks, you’re a miracle worker

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by Rumi · 1 comment

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by evelyne lalancette

I found your web page about one month ago, I used to be someone who really was into sport and musculation until I had a sport accident damaging both knees and one shoulder. Since that, I’ve put on a lot of weight, about 35 pounds. After that I couldn’t do sport and my body reacted differently that’s why I got fatter.

With time, I slowly slim down to return to a weight closer to my “before” weight. But I still have a couple of pounds to lose… I think that 5-10 pounds would be it.

I’ve try a couple of training center but I don’t like training with other people very much and since presently, with my 5-10 pounds to lose, I’m pretty and healthy, I didn’t thought it was essential for me to lose weight or train more.

I was really afraid of training because of my accident and that’s where you came in.

I try your videos and they where perfect. They put just the right amount of stress on the muscles. You work out, feel a little burn and just when you’re about to find it difficult, you change of exercise making us work with other muscle while the other rest before making them work again. It really is perfect.

An other fantastic thing, I’ve always had trouble putting myself in the right zone (70%) to use fat (long term energy) and not sugar. And mysteriously, I keep falling into the zone without even trying :)

For now, I haven’t lost any weight (or significant weight since I’m not dieting, just working out more) but I could see result 2 days after.

My muscles started to reshape again, they’re really more defined.

Just wanna say Thanks
you’re a miracle worker!

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