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by LN
(Regina, SK, Canada)

Hi there,

I am 21, 5’6” and 143 lbs.

I try my best to eat healthy (I have IBS). I work at a desk and try to drink 1L of water while at work each day. I also go to school at night on top of working full time so I try and go to the gym after work/before class…. but I only get about 45 minutes to do my workout because I have to shower/eat/get to class.

I’m happy with my weight. I used to be 170 lbs in 2004/2005… and gradually worked my way down to 143 lbs by eating healthy, not letting myself eat fast food, not keeping junk food in the house, reduced my drinking, and slowly worked my way into exercise (ie: 20 min on treadmill – turned into 30 min and a workout of weights)

My routine at the gym is:
-15-20 minutes on the elliptical
-12 lbs on biceps
-8 lbs on triceps
-50 lbs shoulders (machine – pull down)
-10 lbs pecs (machine = pull in)
-30 lbs inside/outside of thighs (machine)
-30 lbs calves (machine)
-30 lbs thighs front/back (machine)
-Crunches to front and sideways on the ball
-I lay on my shoulders with feet on the ball and roll the ball in as close as I can to my butt (works my butt).

As you can see from my description, I don’t know what the machines are all called. My first year, I worked out with a girl who was in school for personal training. I had her teach me the proper way of doing my weights/machines….

I would like some advice on how I can improve my workout/routine that won’t discourage me but will help me improve….

Thank you for your time.

31 October 2007

Hi LN,

I just can say Wow! You are doing very, very well! Congrats for your healthy eating and your weight. And the way you combine job, schools and exercises is amazing! I will give you as an example of contemporary woman who succeed to fully control her life!

Your gym routine also looks good. I just want to add exercises for back and chest which are very big muscle groups. Usually to train your back or chest you also exercise your arms’ muscles. That’s why you first exercise your back and chest and than exercise arms (biceps, triceps and shoulders).

For example good exercise for back is pulling of weights – could be machine or free weights. Why not check my video how to train your back muscles?

You train your chest muscles when you push something – classic example of chest exercise are push ups. I like push ups because you also train your abs, butt and thighs.

There is a rule – the bigger muscle, more energy/calorie it burns. Because chest and back muscles are very big muscles, training them will burn more calories and this will help you to burn fat and lower your weight.

I stress too much on back and chest muscles because they miss in your gym routine and in my opinion you have to add them. It is not necessary to workout them in one day, you could alternate in different days.

I think that you have in your routine all important exercises and you must see progress.

Just check my exercise videos for more ideas and in order to have variety.

I love to read about your progress, please come here from time to time and share with us your inspiration.

Wish you love and happiness,

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