I’ve lost 43 pounds and dropped 3 pants sizes

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by Lori Taylor
(Hymera Indiana)

this is me at about 182

this is me at about 182

I started a life style change almost 18 months ago. I got on the scales one day and couldn’t believe what I saw. 210 pounds. I’m only 5 foot 2 so I was very very over weight.

I couldn’t tie my shoes, climbing stares was a chore and I couldn’t find any cloths in the women’s section to fit me. I was wearing men’s 40-30 jeans which were a little snug,and XXL shirts.

I was in a depression most of the time. I decided it was time to do something about the weight. I started by not buying any snacks that were over 100 calories. There goes the chip isle, cookie isle, bakery,and candy isles.

Then I stopped using the 9 inch plates and instead started using the salad plates, 7 inches. Since I didn’t have a scale yet and hadn’t heard about the other ways to check food portions I just made myself put food on the plate but not let it touch.

If it touched the food next to it I took some off. Next I started putting left overs away as soon as everyone had a plate. Seconds were a no no for everyone. I started keeping a food journal too.

If it went in my mouth it was written down. Calories, fat, carbs and protein. It has a home right next to the fridge where I can’t miss it. You should see this thing. Right now its almost 2 inches thick. It has 3 sections. The front I keep track of my weight and inches lost/gained and body fat.

The next section is the journal itself. It was a little rough at first but I’ve been doing it so long that if my daughter or husband fix dinner they right down the nutrition info and put it on my book.

Writing in it was embarrassing at first. I was forced to admit how much I was eating. The funny thing is that most of what I was eating was fruits and veg tables. Just ate to much of them. I didn’t know that was possible until my Dr suggested I take my journal to nutritionist and get some ideas from him.

He loved my book. The last section is where I keep a running list of the foods I eat often so I don’t have to keep going back trying to find the last time I had Lasagna. I just go to the glossary and USUALLY its there.

Sometimes its hard to keep up with it but I try to take Saturday mornings and get the numbers in. I never miss writing something down I just don’t always have time to fill in the numbers.

I also started getting up earlier to do some strength training with dumbbells and the excercise ball and later added the mini tramp and power walking all before work.

I average about 45-60 min 4 to 6 times a week. I only get 30 minutes for my lunch but I use the first 12-15 min to power walk around the building. I found a great site for workout music so I load up my IPOD and I’m off.

I usually take some leftovers or a half a can of soup, carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, and green peppers to munch on for lunch. I also try to have a salad with my lunch.

For snacks through the day I take a fruit or 2 and 100 calories fudge stripe cookies, and cupcakes. I carry a half gallon jug of water with me.

It starts the day out frozen and lasts at least until lunch. I have another jug in my lunch box that holds 32 ounces it gets me through the afternoon.

My job is pretty much a stay in one place job. I’ve taken advantage of that to. I have just enough room I can do lunges, knees lifts, and march in place. My boss would rather I didn’t do this while working but other the first day he hasn’t said much.

When I get home from work if its not too humid I put my 3 pugs on leads and we go for a 45-60 min walk around town. I’ve lost 43 pounds, dropped 3 pants sizes, 4 shirt sizes and one shoe size.

Last month I cleaned out my closet and got rid of anything bigger then a size 16 and those will be following in the next few weeks I hope. I have had lots of help on this road.

My Dr was a huge help in getting started and keeping me going. My husband and daughter help to by not keeping any foods they bring in out where I can see it. I eat just to be eating so if its in site I’m usually finishing it off. Ice cream is my one down fall. Doesn’t matter the flavor I’ll eat it.

So no ice cream comes in unless its in single serving containers and only enough for one serving for each of us. Can’t have any fudge pops, drumsticks, sandwiches etc….I’ll eat the whole box.

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