I’ve had three babies and I gained weight

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by nana

Hi dear, first of all let me thank you for this site…I am new here and I have three questions. I am Nana, 46 year old and live in Iran, have 2 grown up boys. I do exercise every day and eat healthy, at least I try my best. I want to know if I eat fruits like apple or orange or strawberry or even vegetables like celery or cucumber, or carrot immediately after exercise?

Is it bad? I mean they make me fat? I want to know what is the best time for eating? After do sports?

Another question is this….is it bad if one day I walk on the treadmill for one hour or maybe more? Is there any limitation for using these equipments?

And the last question…if I sweat it means I lose fat or it means I lose water in my body and when I drink water it will comes back? I want to know if I walk or jogg and turn on the fan that I can’t sweat is bad?

Thanks a lot for your time

Answer from Rumi

Hi Nana, here are answers to your 3 questions:

1. The best time to eat is exactly after the exercises; because this is the time your muscles need food. It is not bad to eat fruits and vegetables after the workout but it is better to eat protein source of food like lean fish, meat, egg whites, low fat milk, low fat yogurt or protein shakes.

2. There are no limitations to use treadmill, but I will suggest the most effective way to use it. Try to alternate 1 minute moderate walking, than 1 minute very intense walking (on the edge), do this for 20-30 minutes and it is more effective than 60 minutes treadmill on the same tempo. The most effective cardio id when you alternate moderate and intense intervals.

3. When you sweat you lose water and when you drink water the lost water weight will be back. BUT when you sweat this means you increase your internal temperature (it is different from your skin temperature) and increased internal temperature burns fat. So, the main sign you burn fat is sweating, but the perspiration is losing water. You can use fan when you do exercises but not too cold because your body will not feel good if there is too big difference in the temperatures with and no fan.

I would recommend to consider diet plans in order to lose weight, because if you eat too many calories you can’t lose weight, no matter how much you exercise.

All the best,

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