Is it possible to reshape my body in three months?

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by Rumi · 1 comment

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by Hala

Hello there. I really love your site.. Thank you so much for trying to help us to look great as you do .. I need to reshape my body in three months maximum. Is that possible?

I have terrible butt and thighs.. my arms are flabby .. my breasts are saggy .. my belly flabby and covered with stretch marks.. cellulite is torturing me..

Now .. here is my plan and I need your comments please..

I’m dieting .. almost healthy diet .. like 800 calories per day.

I’m working out every day:
Sat: Cardio for 35 “high intensity” + Your anti-cellulite routine + Core routine and abs.

Sun: Pilates for 35 “abs, thighs and butt” + weight training “1 kg for each arm” + other exercise for thighs and butt “two sets for 12 rep” + arms and chest workout with dumbbells “two sets for 12 rep”

Mon: like Sat.

Tues: like Sun. etc….

After two or three weeks I will increase time duration, weights and repetitions.

So .. what do you think my dear? Am I dreaming? or it’s possible to change my whole body? I do need fast results yet long lasting too..
Help me with your advices please….


Answer from Rumi

Hala, you are on the right track :-) Only diet combined with exercises give the results you want. Three months is enough time to see your reshaped body.

What I recommend is using heavy weights, don’t lose your time with light weights because this type of training doesn’t burn maximum calories.

To burn more calories workout with heavy weights (3-5-6 kg) of course increase weights slowly but aim to heavy weights.

Your diet is a little bit strict, I would suggest to eat 1200 calories per day instead of 800, because you workout regularly and you need energy to do it.

BUT be careful what you eat, why not chose one of my diet plans, they contain only fat burning foods and this will help you to eat more but at the same time constantly lose weight.

Hope this helps,

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