Is it natural to find 1 kg increase in weight after 2 weeks of aerobics?

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by Rajeena

Dear Rumi, First of all thank u for your sincere effort to help women like me who want to do exercise…but can’t get a solution nor any boost..due to the daily routines at home and who don’t have much social life…

Hi I am Rajeena and I am quite inspired by you and hope to become like u…though its next to impossible…Well you have a great, well toned body….

I am a house wife 5ft 2inches…69Kgs..married for 10 years with 3 kids…8yrs,3.5yrs and 2.5yrs resp. I am now residing in Bahrain..though Indian nationality… After my 3rd delivery I was 75 Kg and I took some fat burning powder and followed diet and lost 10Kgs within 3 months and I maintained that for more than a year..

Since 5,6 months..I am gaining and now I am 68Kg..(I have flabby tummy..which I need to tone up, bulky arms and thighs. My chest 37 inches and abdomen 37 inches..)

That’s when seriously I thought of doing some workout and saw your site. I have never seriously done any workouts ever in my life. I started doing accordingly since 2 weeks and I notice now that I gained 1.5Kg…

About diet..though its not exactly as per your advice…I take Morning…a cup of tea with milk and sugar with either a toast and burger without oil or some recipe made with semolina..

Noon….2 Lebanese bread with some chicken curry..or fish..with some mixed vegs..about 2 desert spoons..with buttermilk mixed with water in curry form.

Night almost same as noon….I take water in plenty.

Could u please suggest if my routine is correct..or do I need any alterations…Thanking u in advance..

Answer from Rumi

Hi Rajeena, I think your diet is wring and you gain weight because of what you eat, not because you workout.

You eat a lot bread and burgers. Limit to one slice of bread per day. Eat meat and vegetables without any limitations – the meat must be baked, grilled or boiled, no frying.

Check this book: 500 Low-Carb Recipes: 500 Recipes from Snacks to Dessert, That the Whole Family Will Love

Eat one fruit per day – no more.

Exercise 3-4 times per week, doing 2 of my videos. There is a schedule how to combine them exercise videos.


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