Indian woman needs a diet to lose 12 kg

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by Rumi · 20 comments

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by Preeti

Hi Rumi, First of all thanks a lot for your videos and guidance. I am Preeti from India. I am writing you for the second time because first time I didn’t get any reply from your side anyways I understand you are quite busy plz try to spare some time I need your help desperately.

I am 26 years old vegetarian girl, weight 62 kg and height 154 cm. I want to reduce 12 kg so I started workout through your videos on 1st Mar’09 and I do 2 videos a day (as you recommend)and sometimes I do 40 min walk plus 2 videos.

In my breakfast I have milk and oats or milk and corn flakes.

In lunch I have 2 wheat chapati, green vegetables and dal, curd.

Usually I skip dinner or I just have salads (cucumber, beet) and fruit(only papaya, orange, apple).

In 29 days of workout and above mention diet I lost 1.5 kg of weight.

I am very depressed I have to lose 12 kg more within 6 months as due to overweight problem I having problems in my pregnancy and doctor advice me to lose 12 kg weight.plz help.waiting for your reply desperately.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Preeti, you are doing very well, 1.5 kg is perfect for the way you are dieting.

Your exercise approach is good.

But your diet is awful :-(

For the time you are on weight loss diet don’t eat: fruits, oatmeal, corn flakes, chappati, rice, potatoes, fried food, sweet food.

You can lose weight eating following food: milk, tofu, lean meat, fish, eggs, salads (vegetables), yogurt.

Try above food and you should lose 1 kg per week. Here are my diet plans, take food ideas from there.

All the best,

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