I’m trying to lose baby weight

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I had a baby 7 months ago and I am dying to lose the baby weight. I am 20 yrs old, 189 lbs and my ultimate weight goal is 143lbs. I just started working out at a gym this week. I try to do cardio (treadmill and cycling) for a total of 30-45 minutes everyday, 3-5 times a week and I will use the workout machines. Will work out upper body one day and lower body the next but work on abs every time I work out.

Now with what I eat.

Breakfast I will eat one serving of honey and oats blend cereal with 1% milk. About 2 hours later I’ll eat plate of fruit dipped in activia light vanilla yogurt.

About 2 hours later for lunch I’ll eat a SmartOne frozen dinner tray and one serving of frozen veggies. About 2 hours later I’ll eat a honey and oats granola bar.

About 2-4 hours later I’ll eat dinner, which is whatever I cook for my family. I can’t be specific because everyday it is different but I include one side of veggies, a side of pasta or potatoe and a side of meat, chicken or fish.

And I only eat what can fit on a small “salad plate” because I am terrible at portioning, I overeat ALL the time. And throughout the day I drink ONLY water. A total of 96-160 ounces of water a day.

I have only been doing this for about a week and haven’t seen any results yet. My weight stays the same but my energy level has gone up since exercising.

I am a stay at home mom and I try to keep myself busy so the refrigerator isn’t calling out my name.

Also my husband comes home around 11pm during the weekdays and I will prepare his meal for him. A lot of times I will start picking at the food and end up eating again! Or he will talk me into eating with him.

How can I not give into temptation so late at night?

Answer from Rumi

Hi, thank you for your detailed explanation, it helps me to be be more useful with my advice.

I see that you eat good amount of carbs through out the day – honey, oats, pasta, potatoes – I would limit carbs only in the first half of the day. Have oats and some honey (only one tea spoon because honey contains sugar) in the morning.

Than you can have a diet protein shake for mid breakfast.

For lunch have a portion of lean meat plus green leafy vegetables like spinach or broccoli, grilled zucchini, green beans. You can have very limited portion of carbs like 2 spoons of boiled brown rice. The role of the rice is to keep away sugar cravings. You should eat some carbs in order to not longing for carbs, but that it is. Instead of the rice you can have a fruit for a dessert. But only one fruit, chose from apple, banana, pear.

Than for late snack have 2 oz cheese on your choice, but diet choices are – ricotta, cottage, gauda.

For dinner you can have the biggest portion you want, don’t limit your self by portion size, but limit the type of food you eat.

You can eat only lean meat (grilled) and fresh salad (tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, aisberg, lettuce, carrots – no sauce and toppings! – use only salt, vinegar and a spoon of olive oil). The thing is you can’t gain weight eating lean meat and fresh salad.

If you want to eat late with your husband, than eat only salad.

This diet will help you to lose baby weight.


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