I was overweight at 24 but lost 34 pounds

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by Tara Anderson
(Lincoln, Nebraska)

Before and After weight loss program!

I decided to change my life, my habits and my overall fitness. I am 27, 5’2′ and weigh 142 lbs. The photo on the left was me at 24, still 5’2″ but I weighed 176 lbs.

It was a drastic change, but I taught myself how to eat more healthfully. I started to focus on foods that filled me up instead of only tasting good.

I found that I really liked whole wheat breads and tortillas, and that I liked how I felt after eating them. I think the biggest thing for me was listening to my body instead of my taste buds.

I found that I didn’t like how I felt when I overate. I was satisfied but not stuffing my stomach to the point that it hurt. I started to walk at least 30 mins each day (with my dog) if not more.
Before and After weight loss program!
I am thinking about starting a running routine. I find I have way more energy and that staying fit is a lot easier now that I’ve lost weight. I would like to lose another 10 lbs to be within the healthy BMI category, and be more fit for my job.

I am a fisheries biologist and need to be physically fit to work in the field.

Answer from Rumi

Tara, congrats for you success! Why not chose one of my diet plans and do 2 of my exercise videos 4 times per week? These 10 pounds will melt away for a month :)

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