I want to gain weight in legs and arms and lose weight around hips

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by Fairy

My name’s “fairy”. I have been very thin since childhood and always eat less. My wedding is coming up in 3 months. I have no gym access around the area. I m 5feet 3 inches tall and my fiance is around 6 ft. My weight is 45 kgs and keeps fluctuating between 40 and 45 kgs. I just can’t eat a lot and if I do I have an upset stomach.

My chest and waist are- 32, 24 and my hips size is 35. so i m disproportionate as I easily gain over my hips. My arms and legs are lean. But only the hip and upper part of thigh close to hip are big in comparison.

I went through your exercise videos. Do you think they will help me at least to get in shape and to sculpt, tone and firm my body??

I am very eager to match my fiance as we don’t want anyone comparing us like a giant with a dwarf as I am thin and fragile.

Please help urgently.

Also need a few warm up and in general tips to maintain body.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Fairy, congrats for your wedding. You are on the right track with my exercise videos because they will shape your lean muscles and at the same time will burn the fat around your thighs and hip.

If you can’t eat, it is a good idea to drink protein shake before and after the workout in order to gain some muscles. Women don’t get muscle easily because they don’t have enough testosterone hormone and usually women don’t eat enough protein. This protein shake I drink and the taste is good, I am sure you will like it.

If you prefer to eat instead of protein shake, then eat meat, fish and egg – they have good amount of protein. Also for breakfast have big bowl with oats, milk and fruit.


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