I want to be healthy and lose weight for myself and my children

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by Jeannie Camacho
(Cleveland, Ohio,Cuyahoga)

Hello, my name is Jeannie. I’m a single mother of 4 wonderful children. I’ve always been a thin person and when I had my 2 oldest kids I really didn’t have to work on getting my figure back, so I guess you can say I took it for granted.

Now for my second youngest child I gained a lot of weight I was constantly hungry with that pregnancy,so I tried eating less, exercise at the recsome times you can’t get the time you need on them and for me its hard to get child care.

But I’ve cut down my portions too, eat and drink water and I feel like I’m stuck. My height is 4’7 I’m a short person so all this weight is bad for my health and I want to do some thing before I get older, not when I’m older and it’ll be even harder!!

I’m 28 years old I don’t want to be 35-45 even 50 trying to do something I want to be able to go the pool,park’s family gathering and have no worries they will call me fat!

I’ve tried I guess what you can call the “basic” exercise – sit up, walking, push ups. nothing..ugh!!I would like to lose 30 lbs…baby fat and more…

Well I hope you chose me because I so need the help!!! Have a Blessed day :)

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