I so need to lose weight or I am going to die

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by Meredith
(Gauteng, South Africa)

Oh boy have I ever. I have done the shakes, the pills etc. Discovered my allergies thanks to diet pills, discovered that I was allergic to ephedrine (any form of it). The shakes supposedly flavored (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate) tasted like chalk – yuck.

Tried a soup diet – all different veggies liquidized – looked like baby food and pumpkin colored, tasted revolting and was way to thick, the consistency was terrible and then it didn’t even live up to it’s promises.

I have tried natural products – herbal, but alas no results. I have not exercised in years and have begun trying but do not know what to do as I have no equipment and cannot afford equipment or a gym and living in South Africa I do not feel safe enough to go for a walk around my neighborhood, not even my dog wants to go for walks – trust me I tried, she is a cross between a staffie and ridge back, we got half way up the road and she did a u-turn and dragged me back home (she is a strong dog).

If anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful, even if it’s just advice. I am not very financially secure so expensive products are not an option and unfortunately the rand/dollar exchange rate is frightening, R10 to $1 – ouch.

My mind is finally right, but I need the help and motivation to exercise and I need videos or DVD’s in order to do that because as I mentioned gym and walks aren’t really an option.

Thanks for reading and any advice will be appreciated, because at this point I’m a big big girl living in a big big world LOL…

Exercise videos
Diet plans

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