I Need Help with my Cardio

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by Jillian

Hi there,
I’m a prosthetics student from Scotland living in Leeds at the moment on placement for Uni. Prosthetics is where you make fake limbs for war veterans or people who have lost them due to illness of trauma, etc.

I’m needing help with my cardio. I have a very repetitive workout regime. Same palate routine 4 times a week that I have done for past 3 months along with 30 min run on treadmill at 10 kph and interval training on cross country trainer! I do this approx 3/4 times a week.

My diet started off well but I recently have swaying back to chocolate and crisps but try not to eat this as it causes my exzema to flare up!

I work roughly 9-5 Monday to Friday and would like to lose a stone for summer! I lost half a stone with the above mentioned routine but now I am bored, I am going less to the gym and eating less good foods as well as I was before!

But I do try eat 5 fruit/veg and really only drink water.

Any pointers would be great! Thanks!
Jillian Barlow

Answer from Rumi

Hi Jillian, I know how exercise and especially cardio can get bore with time. That’s why today I sent video with cardio exercises that are uncommon and fun.

Try to do them, you can do video 2-3 times for more challenge.

The key is to change every 2-3 weeks what you do, because you will get bored, everybody gets, even me.

Try my new exercise routines or my old free workout routines.

I think you know what to eat and when you are on the right track.


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