I lost 17 kilos

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by Khushboo
(Siliguri, West Bengal, India)

Me Now

Me Now

Hi friends,

This is Khushboo from India. I am 26 yr old girl weighing 50 kgs and 5’3″ tall.

I weighed 67 kgs six years before. I have always been the chubby little kid around the house. I love eating I can actually eat. Some of you would be surprised at the quantity of food I consumed!!

I was the ugly duckling in the family – All my siblings being lean and thin and smart. I was always called Fat and made fun of. My parents were very worried about me but I was least bothered.

I was shy, reserved, insecure, unsure about my self and had no confidence at all. I was miserably lazy and hated everything that had anything to do with moving my body. Anything related to physical activity upset me gravely.

Then came a turning point in my life. This was when I was in college doing my Bachelors six yrs ago. I realized I was not just FAT I was OBESE. I would be in deep waters did I do nothing about it.

I resolved and started to exercise. First just a little bit of here and there and then slowly and steadily into a more structured workout routine.

Initially I would wake up at 4 am in the morning and go for 2 rounds of jogging around my campus. Then some free hand exercises to total up to about 50 minutes of workout.

I started to read a lot and was motivated by the compliments I received from my friends. Their comments on me looking thinner was the ultimate motivation.

I started to read about Health and Fitness, diets, nutrition etc, almost everything with the letter F and W. I also read and learned a lot about the various workout routines one could do along with breathing techniques while exercising.

I started to experiment with my workouts and would do a different routine every month varying from Aerobics to Free hand weights to Tai chi to Kick Boxing. I would get the cut outs from the Health magazine.

I also improvised on my diet. Gone were the rice and flat breads I consumed daily. I added more vegetables and protein to my diet. I also made it a point to have smaller meals throughout the day and finish the last meal by 8 pm.

I did not ever starve myself or did not consume my favorite foods. The only difference now was they were lesser in quantity and frequency.

I never missed my workouts and I was starting to see results. Now I was able to fit into a medium and then finally an “S” size t-shirt while I wore “X-Large” at one point in time.

I also gained confidence and was now more sure about myself. I was not afraid to dance in front of people anymore or face an audience. I was such a pleasant boost to my personality. I was also able to wear all the clothes I had always wanted to!

I and my family were both overwhelmed and shocked at my achievement. They had never dreamed that I would ever be a good looking, confident and slim girl.

I kept up with my reading about health issues and updating myself on new forms of workouts and other facts. When I started working about 3 years ago I found it difficult to manage the time for working out. But I did make it a point to walk back home from my office (about 40 mins of brisk walk) and use the stairs every time I had an opportunity.

Being a food lover it was initially difficult to give up on the Fat laden food I so loved and craved. But with controlled portions and a strong will power I was able to eat and live healthy. I also learned to cherish and savor every bite I ate.

Today I am confident about not getting back to that “X-large” shape ever. I am happy and proud about myself and have come to enjoy life.

Loosing those kilos has brought me happiness, confidence, and the desire to do greater things in life.

I believe its all in the MIND. If you set your heart on it – Nothings Impossible. All you need is that will.

Impossible is I M possible after all!

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