I lost 13 lbs in 30 days

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by Maysee Chou Yang
(Hutchinson, MN, USA)

In the beginning of 2007 I realized that I was Fat and if I did not do anything about it I would become mortally obese. I hated myself, hated the lack of confidence that I had for myself. I denied the truth for so long. I never wanted to take pictures with my kids and husband because I could not face the truth that I was fat. I weighted at 198 lbs and standing at 4 ft 11 inches. I was wearing a size 18. Pretty sad huh?

First I wanted to get an image of myself if I was to be thin and beautiful, healthy and have radiant skin. I thought about all the things that I could have been doing and the clothes that I would’ve been wearing. I surf the internet and looked at beautiful female pictures and they became my goal.

I wanted to look like them and so I started on my journey in February of 2007. I educate myself about food that I should eat and food that I shouldn’t. I bought books and exercise videos and light exercise equipments.

I bought Billy Blanks Boot Camp video and that was a mistake because I did not realize that because I’m not an active person, I would not be overnight by watching these people do taebo. After 5 minutes of the video I got tire and watch the rest of the video.

I hated myself for that but like I said Taebo was not for me. I tried dance but doing salsa was not me either. Then my friend at work order Shawn Tee’s beach body and I asked her if I could borrow it and see if I would like his dance moves. She told me to keep it because she got it as a gift from her parents but she did not like the dance moves and so I got the dvd set for free.

But then I started on those exercise moves and it took me 6 weeks to get through six of them because I wanted to learn at my own pace and get comfortable with every move I wanted to be sure I was doing it right. With a calorie intake of 1000 or less a day, I was losing weight fast.

I lost 13 lbs in 30 days and I had so much energy that my husband couldn’t keep up with me. I also threw my weigh machine away because every time I see it in my bathroom I weigh myself and it can get disappointing and discourages me when I don’t lose anything after a hard workout.

I ate healthy meals every day and have nuts in my car and purses for energy. I did not trust myself with healthy snack bars or those 100 calorie treats because I know just a taste of it would drive me into overeating them.

I ate more salads, fruits, and drink tomato juice all the time. My husband downloaded yoga and pilates for me to try and I really liked them too. They helped me relax after 30 minutes of running on the treadmill. They were intense too because even though the moves were relaxing, I was using muscles that I did not know I had.

After 4 months of Controlling myself and eating healthy, I weighted at 155 lbs and was down to a size 13. I had lost 43 lbs and feeling so proud of myself. Sadly it did not last long. I got pregnant in June and all through out my pregnancy I watch what I ate but I had to limit my exercise to just walking and so I gained about 25 ibs, which my doctor said was normal.

After I had my baby, I lost 20 lbs because I was on a special diet that every Asian women had to follow after giving birth. After the 30 days of being on the special diet I began eating normal again and my body responded in a negative way.

Everything I ate, whether it is healthy or not or just even drinking water would make me gain weight. I was so frustrated at my body and I could not exercise like I did before because my body wasn’t healed yet either. I gave birth in February of 08 and then got pregnant again in July of 08.

I just gave birth again in March 09 but I would like to continue my weight loss diet again. I like to start as soon as my doctor give’s me the okay to exercise. I’m already on a healthy food diet and I do cheat occasionally but I don’t over do it.

Now I weight at 171 lbs and still standing at 4 ft 11 inches. I’m wearing a size 14-15. I need help because as you know it dieting is not about that moment only but it is a lifestyle that I would have to commit myself to.

It has been two years since I challenge myself and I’m ready to do that again but I need help. I need all the support that I can get. I need to re educate myself in what I should be eating and not eating. Exercise routines to fit my busy schedule of being a full time student and a mother of four kids and still have time for a needy husband.

Thanks for reading this

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