I gave birth a baby 2 months ago please help me, my belly is horrible

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y Andrya
(shenzhen, guandong province, china)

With my husband and son at the beach...

With my husband and son at the beach…

I have been going to a gym since last June but until I have lost only one kilogram. I have stopped carbs (not completely, I drink green tea all day long and do 30 min cardio three times a week plus some arms exercise because I do not know any fitness or strength routines!!! I have no clothes to wear…please help me!!!

Answer from Rumi

Andtya, you have wonderful baby, congrats! Don’t worry, your belly will look good.

You need to do 2 things:

1. Start my post pregnancy diet and follow it religiously.

2. Do my exercise videos as is described on the right next to them.

You should see changes in your belly after the first week.

And you have wonderful smile, use it more often :-)


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