How to tighten saggy body

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by Rumi · 3 comments

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by Samar
(Damam, Saudi Arabia)

Hello there,
I’m blessed today. I could feel that when I found your amazing site. I have a problem about my saggy body. So if you could help me I would be more than grateful.

I’m a divorced 31 years old-woman with five kids. I used to have a very sexy curvy body before I got married. Even after I gave birth to my third daughter, still had that great body.

Now I’m over weight. I’m 1.62 cm and weigh about 79kg. It’s not only the weight, it’s my skin that makes it worse. My breast are very saggy. Also my butt, abs and arms.

Please is there any hope to fix all that without plastic surgery? I can’t start doing anything because I’m not sure if there’s a hope or I’m just dreaming! I don’t know either how to start!

I haven’t had sex with any guy since my divorce; that was 7years ago. I knew many good men but when it comes to sex I leave them. I’m so pretty and have a very beautiful face yet my body always puts my down.

I’m waiting. Please help me to be alive again!


Hi Samar,

Thank you for your trust for sharing with me your worries. First, I want to tell you that you are very rich woman with 5 kids. Now you are in your most beautiful stage in your life – now you can think for your love affairs without worrying for growing kids.

Believe me, there is hope for you to recover your sexy body and to make love with men.

Action plan how to tighten saggy body!

First you need to do strength exercises for muscular strength – this will give your outline tighten look. You need to build small muscles under your saggy skin and this will improve your overall look.

How to build small, sexy muscles which will tighten the body?

You have to do strength exercises with right dumbbells. How to evaluate what is the right (heavy) and light dumbbell for you.

I will give you example with me. If I do biceps exercises with 2 kg dumbbell, I can do 40-50 repetitions and after than I feel tired. If I do biceps exercises with 5 kg dumbbell I can do only 10-12 repetitions and I feel tired and a little pain with the last 2 reps.

You have to do several tests to find out your right weight of dumbbells – nobody can tell you this – only you can test and find out.

When you start for the first time with strength exercises you will have muscles sore – don’t be afraid or disappointed – this is normal and happens to everybody.

During the first week do exercises with light weight of dumbbells in order to prepare your body for real workouts.

The good news is that I have strength exercises in all of my videos. My recommendation is to do 3 times per week my videos and 2 times some cardio activity.

How to do my videos

Do following 3 videos one after one, so in total 1 hour workout – Perfect butt, Legs and butt and Arm workout – total length 1 hour

Abs workout, Back workout, Anti Cellulite workout

Entire body workout, Inner thigh workout, Arm workout

Aerobic activity – 40 minutes – treadmill walking/running. Or if you don’t have any equipment for aerobic activity, than do this very simple thing. From standing position make step to the left, than to the right – you don’t walk but jump. At the beginning start with some moderate tempo, than fasten. I like to do such steps to the left and right while watching soup operas or movie.

Start right now with my workout videos.

Now about your diet – you can’t remove saggy skin and look if you eat bad food.

The easiest and the most effective diet is to eat meat and salad 3-5 times per day.

Meat is grilled, only lean fillet – veal, chicken, turkey, fish.

Salads – fresh vegetables without any sauce or toppings. The only recommended sauce is vinegar and olive oil.

Example of one day diet plan to tighten saggy body

2 boiled eggs with salt (nothing more)

After Breakfast
100 grams of grilled (or boiled) chicken breast with tomato salad.

250 grams grilled steak of tuna (or veal, or chicken) with cabbage and carrots salad.

After lunch
Skimmed yoghurt – 400-500 grams

250 grams grilled steak of veal (or fish, or chicken) with cucumber salad.

Samar, hope exercise plan and diet will help to have again sexy body and to enjoy life.


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