How To Shape Breast

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by Rumi · 6 comments

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by Purity


I am 23 years old and mother of one year old baby girl. After my delivery my breast gone loose. Can you, please suggest me some exercises to shape my breast?


Hi Purity,

Thank you for visiting my site and asking me so personal question, I appreciate your trust.

I do have knowledge about exercise but your question is beyond my expertize. Breast is not muscles tissue and it can’t be influence by exercises.

Breast is mainly fat and glands which you can not tighten with exercises. Exercises tighten only muscles tissue.

I have read about pills and surgery that can influence the way breast look but I am not a specialist and I can’t recommend this.

My advice is to take care for your skin because this can improve the look of your breast.

It is a good idea to make an appointment with a doctor and to ask for a possible solution.

Again I appreciate your trust and wish you to find a solution.

All the best,

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