How to reduce the size and amount of fat in breast

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by Marian

Dear friend,

My name is Marian. I am 22 years old girl. I am 5’8” ( 172cm) tall and 130 lb (59kg). I do not have any extra fat in any part of my body except my breast which are abnormally Huge and loose.

I was wondering is there any way except surgery that I can burn the fat in this area. I really searched a lot and only thing I found was taking pills – which I was not sure about their side effects so I did not use. Or liposuction – that has its own problems.

Any help is appreciated

With advanced thanks

4 November 2007

Hi Marian,

Most women will jealous because you have men’s attention ;-).

As you mentioned in your question, breast is mainly fat (and gland) so the only way to reduce the breast is to reduce the amount of fat.

There is only one way to do this – diet and exercises at the same time. You wrote you don’t have fat in your other body parts and the only issue is with your breast.

There is no way to reduce the fat only from chosen by you areas (except surgery, which I think is not your wish and is not my recommendation for sure).

Once you starting to lose fat your body will do it from places you have more fat – if this is your breast – your body will burn fat from there.

If you have fat, for example around waist or butt, the body will burn this fat too.

I mean that you can’t tell your body where to burn fat. The good news is that if you don’t have on other body parts you will melt fat from your breast.

Before giving you diet advices I want to stress the importance of skin care. While you starting losing fat your skin will start to look loose if you don’t take care about it.

Please, buy some anti stretch marks lotion and use it strictly every day.

About the diet – forget about eating sweet, fried or food made from dough. These are foods that body transforms in fat.

Eat lots of fresh salads, lean meat, not so much fruits, whole grain bread.

Do exercises – especially cardio (aerobics) workouts because they make you sweating and burning fat.

There are lots of free videos on this site – use them every day.

Wish you to lower the size of your breast. Please write to us to see your progress and to give you more motivation and inspiration.

If you feel good, send to us pictures so we can value your achievements.

All the best,

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