How to Reduce my Cellulite and Have Slim Hot Legs?

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by Rumi · 1 comment

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by Nodame

Hi Miss Rumi, I’m 20 years old, married, no kid/never pregnant, 46kg, 160cm, female, Asian. I’m thin, have a small breast, big butt, stretch mark and cellulite (very fat person when I’m 11 years old and lost weight drastic when I’m 15 years old because of low carb diet).

I exercise Cardio and weight training 4 times a week in the morning about 30 min – 1 hour.

I’m not working, stay at home and have a lot of time to cook and exercise.

I try a lot of workout to slimming my hips and thighs, reduce my cellulite,firm and lean body, but it’s still not work out(since 2008).

I eat :

Breakfast – 2 half-boiled egg
– white bread + scrambled egg + tomato
or ‘nasi lemak’ or flat bread or oat

Lunch/dinner – 1/4 of white rice
– fish/chicken/meat/egg
– tomato
I rarely eat something sweets and I seldom eat fruit.

Em. So, can you help me,please. I really wanted to have firm body, reduce my cellulite and have a slim hot leg.
thank you =)
p.s : I love your blog

Answer from Rumi

Hi Nodame,

You are not fat, but I know how skinny people can be affected by cellulite. I think I have solution for you and it consists of 2 parts:

1st part is exercises – you need to surprise your body with different exercises. Do my cardio video 5 times instead of your usual cardio routine. Do my other exercise videos (do 2 or 3 of them per day) instead of your weight training.

Here are more exercises to reduce cellulite do this routine 5 times a day and alternate it with cardio video.


Morning do cardio video (5 times) or cellulite video (5 times).

Evening do 2 or 3 of my other exercise videos, total length is 40-60 mins.

2nd part is your diet: you need to limit white bread and rice while you are reducing cellulite (you don’t eat much of them and you can continue eat the same way BUT after you lose cellulite).

Try to eat mainly meat (fish) and fresh vegetables (rice), also eat legumes (green beans, peas) with meat and salad.

Change your exercise and diet as suggested above and yo should see results after the first week.

Let me know how is your cellulite going ;-)

All the best,

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