How To Reduce Lower Body

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by Rumi · 1 comment

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by Shalini

Fat lady Shalini :-)

Fat lady Shalini :-)

Hi Rumi, My name is Shalini. I am 35 yrs old. My height is 5 ft 5 inch and my weight is 78 kgs. I feel very bad as I have heavy thighs and hip and gluteus and this looks bad.

Please suggest me some good exercises to reduce my lower body. I feel pain in my left knee. So please advice what exactly I have to do.

I go for evening walk for 40 minutes and also started to work out with you videos.


Answer from Rumi

Hi Shalni, thank you for your picture; it is a lot easier to help you when I can see you. It is very good that you walk every day and do my exercise videos.

Now how to reduce the lower body: You can’t lose weight only from your lower body, it will happen on your whole body. There is no way to tell the body “I want to slim down my buttocks”, for example. When you start to lose weight it happens to the whole body and of course most from the places with the most fat.

The only way to reduce weight is by a diet, exercises and walking will not help if you eat a lot or eat the wrong foods.

You need to eat a lot protein, a little bit from the good carbohydrates and fats – this is the only way to reduce not only your lower body but also arms, abdomen, face etc.

I know that in India many people don’t eat meat, which is the best source of protein and it is hard for Indian people to follow low carb diet (most of Indian food is high in carbs).

My advice is to start a diet, check this Vegetarian diet plan, if you don’t have some of the foods in it, please use the comments to ask me how to replace them. When you write about Indian food, please be very descriptive, because I don’t know this type of food and I need to check in Internet what it is and what it contains, so please give more details.

Once again, you need to follow a diet to reduce your weight, walking and exercises boost the effect of the diet, but they don’t make you lose weight. The role of the exercises is to keep your muscles in good shape, so when you lose weight you will look toned and tightened.

All the best,

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