How to Manage Yoyo-ing Weight Gain

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by K

Hi….I have had issues with weight my whole life….up until my sophomore year of high school….and then all of a sudden for about a year all I wanted to eat was salads and lean meats and fruit and I dropped about 60 lbs over the span of the year

I was also a lot more active and had more time to exercise partially because I did it 5 days a week at basketball and softball practice for 2-3 hours and also for an hour in weights class.

And then my freshman year of college I re-injured my hamstring and had to sit out about six months….and with the loss of my best friend in a car wreck and the loss of softball my coping mechanism I had developed.

I began to emotionally over eat and now sadly on my 3rd year out of college I’ve gained about 50 of those lbs back…and its driving me nuts. And I’m hoping to be having engagement pictures done in may or June….and I want to be in the best shape I can like I was then….but there are a few catches to I am not there…

1.) When I got on birth control I gained about 20 lbs in a year after only gaining 5 the year before and not changing my eating habits after being on the pill…but I need it to regulate hormones to prevent migraines….

2.) I work as a CNA in a rest home and go to school full time…I’m in class from 8-12 in the mornings and work from 6-2 and my time in between them is spent trying to play catch up on homework and everything else in my life.

3.) I’ve had a hard time getting back into a work out routine that I can stick with that I don’t dread doing….since I’m out of eligibility for college sports and there are no rec opportunities in my area….

4.) I need help finding a diet that works with my lifestyle and schedule….I rarely ever have time to make up a healthy meal to take to work and definitely cannot afford the pre-made healthier choices out there….can u help??? Please I’m desperate!

Answer from Rumi

Hi and thank you for sharing your story with us. The answer of your struggle is in your words – eating lean meats, salads and fruits has helped you to lose 60 pounds, wow, congrats for this !!! Why not do this again?

Is it too hard to take with you a box of home made food – bake (or boil) lean meat – chicken, fish, veal, cut some tomatoes and cucumbers, add apples and bananas and take this every day with you.

It is so simple – you need to bring the food with you! Otherwise you will fall in the trap of junk food out there which is cheap, but home made healthy food is as cheap as junk food out.

So, my advice to you is to prepare food at home, because this is not expensive and bringing food with you all the day saves you from the temptation to buy not healthy choices.

I know that you don’t want to prepare food, but please promise me to do it only once and see that it is not hard!!! By a plastic box (or boxes) where you can put the home made healthy food and it is really easy, believe me!

Now about exercises – it seems you can do a lot here, BUT with all your activities I don’t think you need more exercise – I mean that you go to college and work at the same time, that must be enough activity.

If you can do 1 or 2 of my exercise videos per day – only when you can fit this in your schedule without feeling overwhelmed – for example when you have a day off.

I think that you can start immediately lose weight just with eating change. If you can’t bring healthy food with you, than try to decrease your portions – eat ½ or 1/3 less from every meal – this also is powerful weight loss mechanism.

Wish you luck and happiness, please keep us informed what is going on with your weight loss (use the comments).

All the best,

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