How to Manage Daily Wash of Sweated Hair after Workout?

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by Rumi · 1 comment

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by Preeti


I do workout 5 days a week for nearly 1hr 30 min. My concern is during the workout one sweats a lot and a lot of salts and toxins are released along with the sweat.

Now my concern is my hair which are shoulder length get soaked and wet with the sweat, once they dry up its really harsh and dry.

The sweat does seem to spoil my hair. I cannot have a head bath daily as my hair is very thin and will not with stand daily shampoo as well. Please suggest any remedy for the same or any tips for the same.


Answer by Rumi

Hi Preeti,

We could be jealous of your constancy of workout :) You are doing very well! Congrats for the inclination you have.

Sweat is normal during the workout and I know what you are talking about the hair after you finish more than an hour physical activity.

I have long hair and what I do is to wash the hair only with water. I use shampoo every 5-6 days, because my hair is very dry and I can’t afford to dry it more with shampoo.

I also like to wash my hair with fuller’s earth (not sure this is the correct word in English that’s why will explain what is this). This is gray powder, or could be not powder but mass of fuller’s earth.

You can buy a small package and wash your hair with water and fuller’s earth. Take a small container in your workout bag where you put some of the fuller’s earth, than add some water until you receive dense mixture and wash your hair with this mixture. Than wash with water and that’s it!

Fuller’s earth can be used instead of body shower gel too.

What I see as a problem that the hair becomes a little bit “strange” after washing with fuller’s earth. You can apply some conditioner after you wash the hair.

Another “natural” conditioner is to put vinegar, a spoon or two, in 2 litters of water and to rinse out your hair at the end of washing. This is very good natural approach to have soft hair, my grandmother did this to me in my childhood :) I can’t remember if there was vinegar smell of my hair than, so if you try it, please report here for the results.

Once again we are very proud that you succeed to workout 5 times per week. You are our inspiration, Preeti!

All the best,

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