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My name is Rumi and I have more than 10 years experience in diet and exercise. I know that losing weight is always urgent need but at the same time you need easy to understand approach that will not hurt your healt.

Here you can ask me questions about “How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy”

Please feel free to type your question and check back soon to view any answers or comments. I always do my best to reply to your queries as promptly as I can. You may use a nick name to protect your privacy, but please state the real location where you come from. You also have the option to upload your photo to show us where you start from and how much you’ve achieved.

Ask Questions About Diet, Exercise and Losing Weight

How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

I can help you but need information about you.
-what you eat
-how you exercise
-your weight, height, age, gender.
-you lifestyle – stay at home, work 9-5, have time to cook or not, how long can you exercise.
-your monthly budget for food and gym.

I will be more helpful if I know more for you.

I highly appreciate a picture of you, so I know who I help, but this is not obligatory.

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