How to lose post delivery tummy?

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by Dr Bindu

I am 5’3 and I weigh 55 kg, I come under normal weight category and I don’t really look fat but I feel my stomach is not firm , in fact it is flabby and I need to get into shape with regards to my tummy as I cannot wear tight tops like I used to before delivery.

I do have a little fat in my underarm area and my hips, which I would like to lose.

I don’t really have a dedicated time for exercise and since I don’t really look fat there is not much motivation except when I really see my problematic zones.

I do try eating slowly and less quantities which is helping me out , I do see the difference. I just need to find an exercise that would help me with my troubled spots but not more than 15 min a day coz I lose interest if its for more time…15 min a day I think I can invest to lose weight:-)

Answer from Rumi

Dr Bindu, congrats for your weight, it seems good for post delivery woman. I think you manage your nutrition well.

What I recommend is to have some exercises per day, 15 minutes in your case is enough.

Here are my abdominal exercises, do 3 of them each they.

Do each exercise 3 sets, each set 10 repetitions.

After doing exercises for the tummy (it will take 5 minutes), than I recommend to do some cardio, which could be dancing or jogging on place.

Listen to favorite music and dance. Try to have different intensity. Like 1-2 minutes slow dance (or jogging), than for 1 minute very intense dance (or jogging). Cardio with the same pace doesn’t burn fat.

It is very important to switch different pace.

I also recommend to try my exercise videos, because they include bigger variety of exercises (not only exercises for tummy).

Please share your progress in the comments bellow.


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