Learn how to give a massage and make happy your friends

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How to give a massage?

If you like to be touched, maybe other people find it pleasant, too. I like giving massage to others. I remember the techniques that have made me feel good and try them on my friends, encouraging them to tell me what feels pleasant and what does not.

People have different preferences. I love neck and back massages, as this is the area where stress accumulates. I know people who like the leg massage most. Massage is just one of the ways to experience pleasure or give pleasure to others.

– Start by remembering the techniques you liked and try to apply them. – Use massage oil to reduce skin friction and to let your hands move with ease. It will also prevent pushing or squeezing too hard. – Share the memories on what you felt while having a massage to encourage your friend to describe his/her sensations. – Correct the movements and touches according to the reactions of your friend. – Do not press hard or go on with the massage for too long.

You can learn how to give a massage from different recourses:

– Masseurs.
– Books.
– Experiment with your body.
– Course.

Your travel how to give a massage can start with trying to find sensitive points on your own body. Read books and practice all techniques on your self. When you feel enough confident invite a close friend and give a massage to him, talk all the time about his sensations, discuss what he likes and what not.

I learn how to give a massage because I had periods when I was extremely busy and need something that remove fatigue. I was addicted to massage.

If I have had a bad day and every movement feels heavy or after workout, it is time to have a massage. My favourite one is that involves pressure on particular points in the body know as “acupressure points”.

It involves massage of specific points all over the body; their stimulation sends a signal to the internal organs to wake up and begin to function in harmony. This type of massage embraces the idea that the human body possesses self-curative mechanisms that can be triggered by massaging key body points.

The first time I received such a massage, I fell asleep straight after. On the next day I had a slightly sore throat and a stuffed nose. The reason was that my tonsils, being among the first body guards tried to raise the alarm about a medical condition developing in my body.

When we have a sore throat, we should focus the attention on our bodies and ask what is wrong, as the throat is definitely not the problem here. Sore throat is only a signal of a developing disease.

When we ignore the signals for a long time, our bodies will eventually stop sending them and we realize this only when we have become seriously ill.

So, after a therapeutic (acupressure) massage you may feel a certain discomfort, such as the condition of my throat and nose. I felt that way because my early alarm mechanism had been triggered by the stimulation of key points on my body. Before discovering the acupressure massage I had only received the traditional type. It involves massaging all muscles and is very pleasant. You relax in the hands of the masseur and he goes through every part of your body. An extremely delightful sensation. Very suitable, if you want to get pleasure from life.

To find out what you actually like, try different types of massage and different masseurs.

I would classify a massage as good, if:

– I experience a pleasant sensation during the massage or – I feel good after the massage. – After the massage you feel the need to give pleasure to others.

I do not like the massage when:

– The touch of the masseur feels unpleasant – There is a feeling of dissatisfaction after the massage – it happens when the pace of the massage is not the one you needed.

For instance, after a hectic day, you would prefer a slow and relaxing massage. If you are feeling lethargic or sleepy though, you will need a reviving massage. I do not like masseurs who are unable to sense my needs. A good professional should do that. Moreover, a good masseur is one with a gift, not just a technique.

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