How to get rid of flabby arms

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Hi Rumi, I’m very thankful to have found your site. thanks for the passion of sharing what you have. You are a solution. I’m 35 years old, 5’1″ and 118 lbs. My problem is I have flabby arms which I really want to trim.

Rumi, if I do your arm-workout biceps/triceps video every other day, how long will I see results? Also I don’t actually want my muscles to show off my arms, I just want to get rid of the flab so it won’t sag and look ugly. Do I have a chance to get rid of my flabby arms?

Thank you and I’ll wait for your reply.
God bless,

Answer from Rumi

Hi Lizel, thank you for your nice words. Flabby arms is very nasty women’s issue because you can’t wear summer tops and feel comfortable.

The thing about flabby is that you can’t have flabby muscle arms, and what you refer to flabby is fat.

You need a diet plan to burn the fat not only around arms but your total body. The role of the exercises is different – they stimulate the body to burn more fat.

My advice is to chose one of my diet plans and to do all my exercise videos 4 times per week. Don’t do just arm video, because your body needs all types of exercises to feel balance and start burning fat and tightening muscles.

Flabby arms is not isolated issue and you can get rid of them, but only if you workout your whole body and eat healthy.


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