How to get lower abs

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by Swe
(Czech Republic)

Dear Rumi,

First, let me tell you that you have a lovely website and you are lovely person. You are very friendly and a motivating person who I feel anyone can talk to very comfortably.

I am 21, 5’7″ tall and weighing 52 kgs approximately. I don’t workout regularly but do a little exercise whenever possible. As there is no gym near my house, I would like you to suggest some home exercises to tone up my body.

My question: My tummy area is not plump, but the region below that, that is my lower abs (I think), is plump and puffy. How do I make it flat tummy and make it sexy?

Also, my chest area is a little lose. How do I get firmer, perkier breasts?

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks in advance,

19 November 2007

Dear Swe,

Your kind letter made me flying in the clouds! Your words melt my heart! Thanks for this!

Your question is “How to get lower abs”. From your letter I see that your weight is absolutely normal and the only thing you need is to tighten your lower abs. Believe me this is the easiest thing – after a month doing lower abs exercises you will see the difference.

Before giving you link to the exercises I want to stress the importance of balanced exercises – you have to do not only exercises for abs but for all body parts. Doing exercises only for lower abs is wrong and can cause injury.

The reason is this: the muscles you train become stronger than other muscles in the body and this cause pain. For example you do abs training regularly but you don’t do back training. The result is that you have stronger front body and weak back body – this example also can make you look round-shouldered, because your front body is stronger and pulls the body forward.

Of course the above example is too extreme and could happen after a long time doing unbalanced workout.

So my advice is to do exercises for all body parts with a little stress to lower abs, where you want some improvement.

The same is the situation with breast muscles – stress a bit when do chest exercises, for example if you do 3 series of every exercise, than for chest and lower abs do 5 series.

Here you can find lower abs exercises: lower ab workout

Here are my exercises videos for all body parts, do 2 videos per day: free exercise videos

Hope I answer you question how to get lower abs and chest :-)

Wish you nice moments,

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