How to flatten my stomach without sit ups

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by Rumi · 4 comments

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by Marcela
(Fontana, Ca USA)

Hi, I wanted to know if you don’t already have abs exercise video where I don’t have to do sit ups, I can only go up to 20 and then my lower back aches, do you have a video where I can stand and do crunches that way.

Thanks A LOT!


P.S. I do have a broken bone from a car accident in my lower back. I’m fine with exercising just I can’t sit on floor even with a thick mat.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Marcela, I have very good news for you: You don’t need to do sit ups to flatten your stomach. The best thing to flatten abs is diet in combination with jogging. I will explain why, but first let me tell you how sit ups work, so you know why they are not good for losing stomach fat.

When you do sit ups the only thing you achieve is to tighten your stomach muscles and nothing more. Or in the others you can have six pack abs under the stomach fat and nobody will see your abs. Sit ups tighten muscles but don’t burn the fat over them.

To burn the tummy fat (aka flatten the stomach) you need to follow healthy diet plan. Sorry, but without a diet plan you can’t have flatten stomach, no matter how many abs exercises you will do.

I have created many free diet plans, check them and chose which one you like. I can assure you that you will see the first results after a week, but for long lasting, bigger results you need to follow the diet a month.

The second ingredient in your flattening abs plan is jogging: Why jogging is good? Because of 2 things: jogging burns the fat (not only on abs, but your overall body) and at the same time it tightens the abdominal muscles. When you walk or run the body subconsciously tighten the abs muscles in order to stay upright.

You need to use this: At first walk fast and when you feel okay with fast walking than go on with jogging. 20-30 minutes per day will do the job. If you can jog for 40 minutes it is better.

I will give you one more hint that will pull the maximum possible result from jogging: jog at moderate speed and than for 30 seconds give the maximum for you and increase the speed as much as you can. Than again jog on moderate speed until your breathing calm down.

Do such interval jogging for 20-30 minutes and your abs will flatten.

All the best,

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