How to fight pain after exercises

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by Aniya

Dear Rumi,
I had a question. I used to be 50 kg and that was my ideal weight. Since I got married I put on weight, and I think I know the reason, which is lack of exercise. Now I weigh 64 kg and I really feel very uncomfortable with my extra weight.

I keep telling myself that I need to exercise but I can’t keep with it. I tried doing the workouts on your site. But when I start for one day, for 2 days I’m in pain due to the muscles (lactic acid), then I get lazy and I leave it till again my muscle aren’t used to exercise. I don’t know how to prevent myself from having these pains.

Do I have to do separate warm up exercises before I do your workouts? Or is everything included?

I want to come back to my 50 kg as I feel I look horrible and no longer attractive for my hubby. I was looking at that “Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days” plan you had on your site. I want to loose more that 10 pounds, will you recommend this diet to me or shall I just stick to exercising?


Hi Aniya,

First I want to excuse for my late reply, but I was extremely busy last couple of weeks.

Pain after doing exercises shows that you do exercises in proper way. I mean that if you don’t feel anything after workout, you do nothing!

How to fight pain after doing exercises? First do exercises on regular basis. For example during the first week do all my videos, but do 1 video per day. The only way to fight muscles sore is to be regular. You have to use your will or you will never fight pain after exercises.

Other recommendation is to drink water, so your body can throw away the poisons and the cleansing will happen sooner. I found that taking Magnesium pills when I start to exercise after a long period, helps me to fight muscle pain quicker, but this is me and it is not necessary to take any pills.

The only cure for muscle sore is time in combination with regular exercises :-)!

About losing your extra weight. You can’t lose weight without diet. You need energy deficiency in order to lose weight. Exercises help to burn more energy, aka burn more calories, but you need to combine exercises and diet, because if you continue to take more calories than you spend while doing exercises, you do nothing.

I wrote simple 3 weeks diet plan that works – it is paid diet, I don’t give it for free because I want to cover some expenses I have to support this site. Hope the price is affordable.

Aniya, send me your comments and keep us informed about your progress in how to fight pain after exercises.


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