How to Count Calories

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When you want to lose weight it is very important to know how to count calories

After couple of minutes you will become an expert in how to count calories. Calories are energy we receive after eating food. Different foods have different calories content. Usually calories are written on the label of every food, but are these enough? In my opinion – No! What stands behind the calorie? Protein, carbohydrates and fat! You need to know not only how many calories you eat but also calories from what they are?

Do you know that fat has 2 times more calories from protein and carbs? It is logically to consider that you have to eat 2 times less fat than protein and carbs. In other words you have to eat 2 parts protein, 2 parts carbohydrates and 1 part fat (total 5 parts).

Now imagine you are on 1500 calories diet. From the above statement we have 5 parts.

1500 calories / 5 parts = 300 calories per part

In others words you have to eat 600 calories protein, 600 calories carbohydrates and 300 calories fat.

If you only count calories without taking into account calories from what type of food they are – you are wrong!

Sounds complicated? No, it is simple. The only thing you have to do is to change the way you look at calories. Calories are not important; important is what type of calories they are.

Can you imagine eating 1500 calories per day only fat (for example butter) and to expect to lose weight because you eat only 1500 calories and you know that this must lead to weight loss? It will not!

At the begging it is not so natural to count all you eat, that’s why it is better to prepare your next day menu in advance. Plan what you will eat the next day, write down everything, calculate calories and be careful for the good proportion of protein, carbs and fat.

Gradually you will increase your capability to count calories during the day. For example how you calculate how much money you spend during a day? You don’t know how you do this, but you can do it. This is because we have learned about money while we grow and this became natural activity. The conclusion is that you need practice to learn how to count calories during the day.

But it is much simpler and easier to prepare your menu previous night, so you have what to eat the next day and the chance to spoil your weight loss program is almost zero.

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