How Overweight Cheerleader Lose Weight?

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all that belly is not cute in a cheer uniform

all that belly is not cute in a cheer uniform

I really do try to lose weight I’m a freshman cheerleader that’s going into high school. I know cheerleaders are apost to be skinny but I’m a thick one that wants to look like the other girls on my squad.

When I say thick I mean big thick. I can what all the other girls can I just want to look and feel good doing it without worrying that my stomach is sticking out.

I try all type of exercises but nothing seems to show results. I weigh 213 lbs it really doesn’t look like it but I do and I know I’m too young and the weights has to go.

I’m a female that’s 15 I at least want to lose 40 lbs.

The way I’ve been trying to lose weight is I tried running stairs, try to work extra hard at practice and I try to do sit ups every night.

I try the Maple syrup diet I lost 7lbs in 5 days but my mother says that to unhealthy I limit my eating or at least I try I just need a little extra help.

Answer from Rumi
Hi Alysia, thank you for your letter and picture. I think you try to lose weight in a wrong way.

Exercises will not help you to lose weight.

You can lose weight only by limiting foods that make you fat and also you need to watch the quantity you eat.

Please eat only from following foods for a week and you will see a result. Than continue to the same eating plan until you reach desired weight.

Foods to eat:

– Lean meat (chicken breast, turkey, pastrami, veal) – prepared baked, boiled. Don’t eat fried meat.

– Fish – prepared grilled. Don’t eat fried fish.

– Vegetables – preferably raw like salads – tomato, cucumbers, lettuce, Ice berg. Boiled or baked – spinach, zucchini.

– 1 oz of raw nuts per day – don’t eat more than 1 oz per day.

– Plain yogurt (unsweetened yogurt) and milk.

– a fruit per day – don’t eat more than a fruit per day because they contain sugar and you can’t lose weight because of sugar in fruits.

What NOT to eat:

– anything that is sweet – even fruits contain sugar, so limit fruits to one per day.

– fried food – forget about this type of food preparation.

– bread – there is big speculation about whole grains. You can eat them but once you lose weight, no during the time you are losing weight. The other thing is that many companies claim that the bread is whole grain but it is not.

– soda drinks – they contain lots of sugar and it is better to forget for them even after you reach the desired weight.

– cookies and sweet bars – these are fool of bad calories.

Exercise 4-5 times per week along with the above diet. Exercises help to lose weight only combined with diet plans.

Hope this helps,

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