How not to lose weight but look more fit and firm but not muscular?

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by Farzi

Hi, my name is Farzi, I am 27, 170cm height and 53 kg weight. Currently I am hitting the gym but at the same time I don’t want to lose weight (even I need to gain like 5 kg),the thing that I am after is to be more fit and firm in certain areas of my body like butt, arms, ab, almost every where.

But at the same time I hate to look muscular and manish. Now I would like you to help me with what to do in gym with different devices to reach my goal.

Thank you

Answer from Rumi

Hi Farzi, you don’t need to do anything except training in the gym. To lose weight you need to be on weight loss diet.

Don’t change your diet and the only thing you will achieve in the gym is to tone your body without any fat loss.

One hint: to have a good looking firm body you need to workout all body muscles not.

If you workout only the muscles you need to tone, than this will not work for you – workout the whole body and you should see results after some week.


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