How Many Calories are Burned in Your Online Workouts?

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by Lisa

Hi Rumi, I’ve just come across your website recently. There is a lot of great advice and info, thank you. I am left wondering however, how many calories can I expect to burn for each of your online workout videos?

Thanks for all the helpful tips,

Answer from Rumi

Thanks for asking about calories burned by doing exercises, because this is misunderstood concept from 99% of people.

Depending on your body weight and activity you do, for a hour you can burn 300-500 calories, which is not so big amount considering that people hardly do 1 hour workout.

Regarding my online workouts, they are app. 20 minutes long, which means that you burn on average 100-120 calories per video. These are approximate estimations based on averages; I’ve never measured how many calories my online workouts actually burn.

What I mean by telling you that counting calories burned in online workouts is misunderstood concept?

First you never be sure exactly how many calories you burned, because this is not a math, it is human body and people are different.

Second if you eat every day 700 calories more than you are supposed to eat, than you need to workout every day app. 2 hours to spend only the extra 700 calories you eat and you will not lose weight, you just will not gain more weight.

Third, it is much easier to lower your daily intakes with 300 calories, for example, and you will lose weight just because you lower the eaten energy. And in this case if you do only one of my online workouts you can have 400 calories less (300 form the food and 100 from doing exercises) and you will lose weight for sure.

You can’t skip the diet if you want to lose weight, but adding exercises to the diet, increase the speed to burn the fat.

The role of online workouts

When you are on a diet, aka have calorie deficiency, you body spends the stored energy which is 2 types: fat and muscles. Your goal is to melt the fat, not the muscles.

How you manipulate your body to melt only the fat?
If you do exercises, than you tell to your body “I need my muscles to do exercises, my muscles are important for me” and the result is that your body melt only the stored fat and not your muscles.

What happens if you diet without doing exercises?

Your body melts both fat and muscles. The reason is because you don’t use your muscles, your body thinks “Muscles are not necessary now, I will use them to cover energy deficiency”. The result is that you lose weight, but not the proper one. And the final result is that without your muscles you look flabby.

In conclusion: It is not important how many calories you burn doing workouts; it is important how many calories you eat. It is not important to lose weight, it is important to lose fat.

Hope my answer helps you,

All the best Rumi

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