How I should motivate myself into losing weight?

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by Brittany



My name is Brittany and I’m 5ft 3 inches, 17 years old, and weigh a bit over 200 lbs, but I don’t look like it at all. For some reason, my body holds my excess fat very very well. Because of this, a lot of my friends tell me I’m not THAT fat, whatever that means, but I used to be around 160 as kind of a plateau weight.

I’m not happy anymore, but every time I get sad my answer is to eat. I love myself, I love my bone structure, I just hate my excess fat. I will be graduating next year and was planning on starting a serious weight loss this summer so I can lose weight for my senior year.

I would like to know what your point of view is on how I should motivate myself into losing weight and continuing to lose weight, and how to do this.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this,

Answer from Rumi

Hi Brittany, you really look beautiful, I understand your friends opinion :-)

Many teenagers write to me with questions, at the beginning I didn’t want to answer these questions because you are so young and you can make wrong choices from taking advices from strangers.

But I know you will search until you find answer how to lose 40 pounds.

So I created teen diet. This diet is balanced and you will not miss important nutrients.

But promise to show this teen diet to your parents and decide with them if you will follow it.

Please, use the comments bellow to ask me questions about the diet. Also you need to exercise, use my exercise videos


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