How I Lost Weight From 150 to 120 Pounds

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by Amanda Melanson
(Hopedale, Ma, US)

I am a 19 year old female who is 5″ tall and my current weight is 160 it was 120. When i was 17 I exercised every other day on a gazelle my mom had for at least 30 minutes.

I then went online and got exercises for thighs, arms, stomach, and calves. I did 3 different kind of crunches for 50 times each.

They included legs straight up, legs crossed, and regular.

For my thighs I did lunges, and leg ups. For arms I had my arms straight out and did tiny and large circles and I did some punches.

For the calves I did stair stepping for 2 minutes on my normal stairs. I think I did other exercises but I cannot remember them. Doing this for about a month or so i lost 15 pounds. T

hen my mom got these exercise tapes called turbo jam and I used that instead and I lost 15 more pounds. This tape included punches, jabs, kicks, and some dance moves.

I started doing the 20 minute exercise dvds first then I moved to the 40 minute dvds. Doing these workout routines for about a month or two I reached 120 pounds.

Of course I didn’t lose all this weight by exercising. I went to a nutritionist and was told to eat smaller portions of food and so I did. She also said eat vegetables and fruit for snacks instead of chips and chocolate snacks.

All of this caused me to lose about 30 pounds. I started out 150 and ended up at 120.

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