How can I lose weight by Christmas?

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by JJ

Is there a way to lose significant weight by Christmas? I am anemic and have very very little energy. I have permission from my doctor but I need Ideas on what I can do by Christmas, I want to look nice! Please help.

Answer from Rumi

Hi JJ, your question seems to be the most asked while Christmas is coming – everybody want to lose weight for the Christmas party.

I’ll give you some urgent advices, please discuss them with your doctor, because I am not sure how the diet will influence your anemia.

You didn’t provide your height and weight and I don’t know your goal, but the following advices proved they work for everybody.

You need to control what you eat. Every meal must be planned in advance and nothing else is permitted. Chose one of my free diet plans and strictly follow it (after discussion with your doctor). Very often people have low energy because they eat food that doesn’t bring the right and needed energy. I mean that junk food is full of calories but not energy. You need alive, quality food to get the right energy and the right calories. Remember, the food is your fuel and this is the main reason why you can’t lose weight. Start to eat right or you will never lose weight.

You need to exercise. Exercises rejuvenate the body and after regularly doing them you start to feel more energy and losing pounds becomes very easy. Here is a page with my exercise videos, on the right there is a scheme how to combine them.

You can’t lose weight by Christmas if you don’t eat right and exercise – sorry no other way! But the good thing is that you will start to see results after couple of days and this will boost your motivation.

Here are some additional ideas how to squeeze the maximum till Christmas:

  • Be sure to prepare in advance the food for the day and bring it with you (packed in plastic box for example).
  • Use stairs instead of elevators. When there is a chance to be active during the day – use it! Climbing stairs in the office, schools (or anywhere else) will speed up your metabolism, so use every given chance to climb stairs.
  • Walk – if you have a rest during the day, use this time to walk. Or after your job (school) walk one station of the metro (bus) and than catch the metro.
  • Eat often but small portions – never stay hungry because you will spoil your diet and you will not fulfill your goal by Christmas.
  • Sleep enough – during the sleep your body is losing weight (but only if you don’t eat right before going to bed). Sleeping enough is important for your overall body condition.
  • By one size smaller dress for the Christmas party and from time to time try to fit in it. This will show you your progress; because once you fit in the dress this will motivate you more. Imagine yourself in the dress – how beautiful you will look :-). Positive thinking is important. Imagine yourself thinner.
  • If you have food craving drink hot tea (without sugar) – how water/tea also cleans the body from toxins.
  • Never eat later than 7-8 pm.

Hope this will help. Wish you lose all the weight you want by Christmas !!!

All the best,

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