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by Rumi

Ladies, lose that last 10-30 pounds, with bodyweight workout routines that you can do at the comfort of your home and you don’t need any equipment.

From: Rumiana Ilieva, Certified Fitness trainer and Nutritionist

Ladies, I know how confusing and frustrating is to do everything you think is right and not getting results you desire. I’ve been there – struggling to be fit, have life, job, family, eating healthy but what was working before stopped working any more.

That’s why I designed workout and nutrition program for women in their 30’s to 50’s … who can’t lose weight no matter what they do, who hit plateau and can’t breakthrough it and feel lost in diet and exercise advices around.

Do you feel you need help how to exercise and how to eat? Because starvation is not acceptable path for women with real life who need to cope with daily routines, kids, job, and house keeping and so on.

I’ll help you use nutrition and training to achieve your most ambitious physique and health.

No matter how hard it has been for you … With my workout routines you can be in best shape of your life at any age! You just need a workout schedule and nutrition plan to follow and the results will surprise you even after a week…

You will have flat belly that draws admiration

You will shape bun and thighs with nice curves

You will get fine arms to proudly show off with sexy tops

You will gain constant energy to enjoy life

You will get a trainer that cares and is a real person, not celebrity hired to promote exercises

You will workout in the most effective way with just couple of minutes of cardio mixed with the best fat burning exercises for core and total body toning.

You will workout under 100 minutes per week

You will enjoy real food

You will have Fun … You will Want to exercise

Check my belly fat and cellulite workout program

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