Herbal Remedies for Menopause

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There are situations where the traditional hormone therapy during menopause is not necessary or can be dangerous for the woman.

In these cases the herbal remedies for menopause are the key for solving the discomfort problems during this period. Herbs for menopause are included in several products in the form of extracts, which are carefully blended so as to influence positively the symptoms of menopause and even some postmenopause problems. The most effective herbs for menopause are listed below.

Soya isoflavones are natural part of the Soya beans. It is considered that Soya isoflavones decrease hot flushes, osteoporosis related problems and hormonal depending types of tumors (i.e. breast cancer). The large use of Soya beans explains the very low presence of menopause symptoms and discomfort among Japanese and Chinese women.

Kava Kava is a plant that grows in the Polynesian islands, used for preparation of traditional beverage. It improves the symptoms of anxiety and stress as well as the mental function without any sedation effect. The frequent use of Kava Kava extract reduces hot flashes, increases the spirit and the total sense of well-being

Wild Yam contains phytoprogesterone, thus being very successful in regulating the hormone imbalance and decreasing the negative symptoms of the menopause. It contains also the substance DHEA, which is quite identical to the adrenal glands hormone. The higher quantities of DHEA substance are very useful for women in menopause to protect them against cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis and obesity.

Licorice root is among known herbs for menopause, but it is used as well in treating the premenstrual syndrome. The presence of Licorice in herbal remedies for menopause stimulates the adrenal glands and has different positive effects through its estrogen-like influence on the female body.

Dong Quai is known as the “female tonic”. This Chinese herb contains vitamin E and iron and helps the hormonal balance. It is often used in treatment of hot flashes, painful menstruation, too frequent or missing menstruation. Dong Quai influences the estrogenic activities and stabilizes blood vessels.

Red Raspberry is a herb that plays the role of a amazing tonic for the mucous membranes and uterus. The frequent use of Red Raspberry decreases the discomfort and possible pain below the waist.

Black Cohosh helps the body to produce estrogen and it is widely used in treatment of both both menopause and too frequent menstruation (dysmenorrhea). It positively influences the not only the embarrassing hot flashes, but the vaginal atrophy and depression as well. Patients report noticeable benefits after foout to six weeks of treatment with Black Cohosh extracts.

Chasteberry is known as “work wonders” for several women in menopause. It contains progesterone-like and estrogen- and compounds, which are beneficial for several menopausal symptoms. It regulates the sexual hormones and helps the preservation of the female libido after aging.

Ginger has different advantages for the body but the most important is the heart protection during the menopause. It is beneficial for the blood vessels as well as it decreases the levels of “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides. Ginger positive influence on menstrual cramps is also known.

Red Clover increases the estrogen levels via supplying the female body with botanical compounds that have very similar structure to this human hormone. This way the use of Red Clover extracts prevents the hormonal misbalance and all negative menopausal symptoms that appear as a consequence.

Ginkgo biloba protects the women in menopause and postmenopause due to its positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Thus cold feet and hands disappear as symptoms. Ginkgo biloba improves mental abilities via increasing the blood flow going to the brain.

Now Menopause Support is developed with a special formula that contains all these necessary herbal remedies for menopause. The key ingredients have the potential to support the required levels of your hormones during the menopause. The synergistic blend is based on extracts of herbs for menopause and useful supplements that form at the end effective and well-balanced product for women. Take in mind that one packing is enough for 1 month, but for better results you have to take this product at least 2 or 3 months. Several testimonials exist for the extremely positive effect of Now Menopause Support on the menopausal symptoms after just some weeks of the treatment.

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