Fast Weight Loss

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by Rumi

This is not a traditional sales page. No hype, no secrets, no magic formula. This page is to show you WHY $19 will be the best investment you can make with your look – to show you the difference between a diet that makes you lose some pounds and a diet that makes you steadily losing weight.

Want Everybody to Admire How You Change Your Body To Sexier, Thinner and Killer Looking?

3 weeks 9 pounds ebook cover

Of course you do. There are thousands of good looking people around you and you need to outperform them.

You need to exercise but the first thing you need is a trustworthy diet that makes you lose pounds day after day – steadily and healthy.

A Trustworthy Diet Will:

1. Make you look sexier and leaner.

2. Increase your chances for dates.

3. Help you to be promoted for a higher position.

No doubt you have heard this many times “people judge other people by their look”.

Even though you are very clever and nice person, people still prefer to meet and communicate to better looking people.

Think about the last time you met a stranger.

What was the first thing you noticed? The soul or the look?

Thinking to Follow Unknown Online Diet?

Sure, you can read tones of info about diets.There are 3 drawbacks to doing this:

1. All websites tell you what to do without giving you info why.

2. Most of the diets have exotic and difficult to provide ingredients.

3. And the most important element of all can’t be supplied – the willing to really help you.

Lisa, from Chicago
“Thank you, Rumi, your diet book changed my life, literally! I did intense research before I choose your diets and I am really glad I did. After a couple of days following your diets I saw that my face skin looked smoother and after a week my weight scales showed 5 pounds less!

I am really pleased with the results. My colleagues look at me such they see a new person and you know, MEN turn after me! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me the chance to feel and look this way!”

Don’t Do Diet Harder When It Can Be Easier

A well developed diet doesn’t change your daily routine. It gives you energy the whole day and you don’t feel hunger at any moment. Even more, you MUST eat several times per day in order to lose weight.

The diet doesn’t require long shopping time and stay in the kitchen. It is a breeze to prepare your daily menu and to follow it with willingness.

Peter, London
“After I felt to follow many diets I started Google search for a trustworthy diet. It brought lots of options. I cut away $50 offers worried about being ripped off!

Than I found Rumi’s site. Though not the best looking, it had an air of sincerity. True to that, Rumi delivered the diet immediately and I impatiently downloaded it to my computer. The diet is very easy to follow, only simple foods and nothing complicated.

You eat 4-5 times per day, you stay full but you lose pounds! My wife can’t believe the progress I have. I feel myself full of energy, more positive and my male endurance increase, you know what I mean ;).”

So What’s The Difference Between a Diet that Works Well And a Diet that Works Exceptionally Well?

The foods included in the diet are not randomly chosen. The foods vary every day in order to give you all need it ingredients and to keep you in good health. Every food is chosen in relation to other foods for the day.

So, your body receives necessary protein, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals! The result is that you speed up your metabolism and steadily lose fat!

Short explanation follows every food, so you know why eat this. The reason why food explanation is included in the book is because you need to understand healthy eating principles and continue applying them even when you reached your desired weight.

Here’s a hypothetical example of a “working” diet. You eat some food, not too much, you feel hunger and you lose weight. But what weight? It is very important to lose weight from fat, not weight from muscles. Why?

Because fat makes you look jelly and muscles make you look toned. Back to the example; you follow a diet, you lose weight and you think this is working diet. But it is not!

Working diet means that you lose only fat and you keep your muscles

Foods included in the diet book nourish only your muscles and this helps your body to burn the fat. The result is that you melt your jelly areas and you underline your muscles.

Why Most Diets Work Only During The First Week?

Your body is very adaptive system which main role is to survive in any conditions. What happens after you start a diet? Your body experiences energy deficiency and this causes losing weight. At the mean time your body adapts to this situation and the body starts spending less energy. If you want to continue losing weight you don’t have to give your body a chance to adapt. This means that you need to start a new diet before the body adapts.

My job is to give you all this information and to make you familiar why the book contains 3 diets. Each diet is one week long and following them religiously you lose minimum 3 pounds per week. After 21 days your body weights minimum 9 pound less.

Sheri, London
“I am so pleased I bought this book. I desperately needed a change in my body, because I didn’t date last year. I was so shy and worried about my extra weight and was unable to communicate with men. Now I am 40 pounds lighter, self confident and happy wit my new boyfriend.

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Rumi, her diets improve my whole life!”

3 weeks 9 pounds ebook cover

How to Order

Payments are accepted via Paypal. After you pay, wait for some seconds and you will be redirected to a page on my site where you can download the ebook.

Wish you to have the body you want!


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