Good excercises and a healthy diet before getting pregnant

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by Fathima

Hi Rumi,
I am 25 yrs old female married. I am 158cm and weighing 58 kgs. I feel after marriage I have put weight unevenly. I have got a belly and my hips have put on weight. I really want to stay in perfect shape. I don’t really take up any diet as of now.

I request you to send me some good exercise to reduce my tummy and the size of my butt and breast. I would also like to hear a good diet chart for a week.

I am glad that I found you to assist me for reducing my weight and regaining my structure especially my hip portion.

I am non-vegetarian and have 3 – 4 hours a day to cook. I usually have rice, chicken gravy, fry, tiffens made out of rice flours etc…

I prefer to exercise at home and my target areas for reduction of weight are chest, butt, hip, thighs.I want you to record home exercises for me and I can spend 1 hour / day to exercise.

I have been following your workout routines for biceps, triceps and lower abdomen for the past 1 month. It would be great if you could add some more effective exercises considering in mind that am one who is trying to get pregnant.

So advice me on what exercises I can do during this time.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Fathima,

there are no special exercises to get pregnant and you can do my existing exercise videos.

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I don’t record exercises for everybody separately, can you imagine what amount of time I need to record personalized exercises for all my readers lol

So, continue to do my exercises along with this healthy diet

All the best,

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