Going trought the change of menopause

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by sandra taylor

I’m a 51yrs old woman going through the change.

I’ve noticed my eye brows don’t grow anymore which I suppose is a good thing, I no longer have to shave my legs or under my arms.

I’ve piled the weight on, I’ve never had skinny legs but I’ve piled the fat on around my knees, my bust as gone from a D to a HH cup, I felt like I’d gone to bed and grow them over night…lol

I’ve put a few inches on my waist, my stomach, never had a flat one anyway as grown a bit but I’ve got 2 spare tire around my back area, I’ve tried putting my bra on the last hook but the fat still hangs down this is getting me down the most.

I use a exercise bike every day for at least half hour and I’m watching what I eat, but still the weight still keeps coming on.

My doctor put me on HRT but it made me start my periods again and never stopped the flushes so I stopped taking it.

The flushes are not too bad I noticed they are not so bad since I cut the coffee down. During the night they are the worst I sleep most nights with no covers, I go to bed with straight hair and wake up with it curly …lol

My sex life too is suffering,I’ve been seeing my new partner for 2yrs now we were like teenagers when we met but now he’s moaning saying I’ve gone off him.

Men have it so easy don’t there, my ex went through a mid life crisis he had an affair I told him he should have bought a bike not rode one…lol

from sandra (quickfit)….lol

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