Frustrated by not losing weight

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by Ash

Hi Rumi, I’ve been working out through your videos from a long time now, but my weight has not budged even a pound. I’m currently 120 pounds (gained 10 pounds in last 2 years), 5.0″ and 26 yrs old. I want to lose 10 pounds, so please let me know how many calories we lose doing any one video of yours.

I workout for a total of 1 hour everyday, and I really cannot take out any more time, I do 2 videos and then some more general exercises. and eat a very very normal diet and can’t go back or cut back on that otherwise I’ll die, I have be strong so as to be ready for conception, but, seriously do not want to gain anymore.

Please don’t ask me to do the videos twice a day, cos I would not be able to take out any time, cos I have to work and do so many chores at home too…


Answer from Rumi

Hi Ash, it seems you workout enough. At average 1 hour of workout routines burns app. 300-400 calories, my exercise videos are not exception of this rule.

You are not fat at all and it is harder to lose weight when you have only few pounds to lose.

But there is solution for you of course. I need to know what you eat. Probably the key of not losing weight is in your diet. Please right down your diet, what you eat in a regular day, hour by hour and portion size in grams (or what measure you use).

I need to analyze this info and to give you suggestions for improvements. Use the comments below to write your usual diet plan.

All the best,

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