Fruits in the diet – good or bad?

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by Emily

Hi Rumi, I read that you suggest we cut out all fruits from our diets. How necessary is this? I love fresh fruits and can’t see what’s wrong with eating them. Can you please explain this part to me?

And I’ve been working out well for the past few weeks, and dieting well, but that diet included fruits, so was that all for naught? And how many calories would you recommend we aim for a day? I’ve been taking in a little over 1000, is this good?

Thanks so much for all the help you provide here, I really enjoy it!

Answer from Rumi

Hi Emily, you asked reasonable question about fruits in the diet.

Fruits are healthy food and you can’t put on weight eating fruits. BUT they contain sugar and you can’t lose weight eating fruits.

Fruits are good food once you achieve your desired weight, but before this moment it is good to avoid anything that contain sugar.

Of course, you can have an apple per day, this will not spoil your diet plan and is definitely better than cookies, but if you can limit to only 1 fruit per day or it is better not have any fruits for several days and than have 1 fruit.

Hope this helps.


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